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Dubai we made it...#2

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

July 2019 we flew out to Dubai, myself, Chellz and Sekeisha it was happening. I was really living the definition of best life, we drank….drank…..drank and a whole lot of other stuff. I lived it up. You see I had been emotionally drained for 3 years and I had spent the best part of 2019 quite sad and feeling generally quite sorry for myself, not wanting to let go but knowing that ‘this’ really ain't it.

So Dubai was like the emancipation of me! Stella getting her groove back! I had been gyming it hard since January. My gains were real I was dropping pounds my clothes were starting to look good again. Dubai just confirmed I was still cute. Such a conceited thing to say right? But don't judge me yet unless you're already a friend then you will know that's just my banter….LOL.

You see the day before I flew out for Dubai I visited my GP because I found a lump. The week before I was at my friend Leah’s house and I remember feeling tired so I had fallen asleep in her bed, I had woken up and had my arm in an unusual position which for some reason prompted me to stroke underneath my right breast. The funny thing is I NEVER check my breasts. I do not check them at all. Not even pretend to check. I just didn't do it. Do you? Males too…do you? Anyways, I found a lump well like a small cyst type thing. I asked my friend what she thought of it, but she was like me, we agreed it was something but no biggie and anyways girls sometimes get lumps before their period. I mean I wasn't one of those girls that got that but there's always a first time for everything. The next day I called my mum and asked her to come and have a feel, she couldn’t find it at first. When she did like myself and Leah she agreed it was something but said maybe to wait till after my period because some girls get those things, she used to get benign cysts all the time she explained. My name is Shevelle and anxiety is a very big part of my life so I just had to call my GP. What if its Cancer brushed across my mind faintly, remembering that one of my little birds had died of breast cancer 18 months ago. That story is a devastating one because it was just too late. July 2017 they confirmed cancer November 2017 she was gone, she had flown away to be with my other little bird who left me 17 years ago. Cancer took her too. That story is a heartbreaking one because she was only 11 years old WE was only 11 years old. That bitch cancer stole them.

If I'm entirely honest deep down I knew my lump wasn't cancer because I was having too much fun and after all, I can't get breast cancer because I was only 28. Breast cancer is for big women 50 plus ladies because that's when national screening age is. So just like me, my GP was convinced it was a benign cyst but in order to follow, practice protocol and exercise her due diligence she referred me to the hospital to have it checked she reassured me the possibilities of cancer was almost zero because I am essentially too young, I do not have a family history of it my grandma being 78 doesn't count and just like the internet says 90% of lumps turn out to be benign. So I had nothing to worry about, so I didn't I went to Dubai and forgot the damn thing even existed.

Alexa play - (smile) I’m living my best life, Lil Duval ft Snoop Dogg

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