• Shevelle Copeland-Kelly

The Beauty of blogs...#1

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

The simple life of a 29-year-old living in South East London dealing with the reality, that sometimes life really does give you lemons. Shit ones.

“You love to tell your business.”

“... it's calm, nobody has to know”

“It will get better man”

"don't worry next year it will be different”

Just some of the penetrating phrases I can remember, the truth is everybody has to know and what if it doesn’t get better? What then?

I am choosing to tell my story because it helps me and it may help you or someone you know. Never underestimate your existence on this land. I read a blog of a complete stranger a few months ago and it helped me, in fact, I believe her story saved me. If I told you I was planning my funeral 7 weeks ago would you believe me? Nah, you wouldn't.

I think a lot and to write you need to think so I guess I can kill two birds with one stone. My main aim of this is to inspire, educate and create awareness, awareness of things that we believe can not/will not affect us. Also to let you know that nobody asks life for lemons…shit ones at that.

My Blog is called ‘Three Little Birds’ – One day they sat on my window pane and told me I don’t need to worry. Maybe I’ll try and do that….Lets just not worry.

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